A Different Kind of Bonding

A Different Kind of Bonding

I didn’t realized how I terribly missed my parents. We used to be really close long before I started working. We used to have long series of chats, VCD (or VHS) marathons, we go to moviehouse every weekend or watch our favorite primetime TV series on weekdays. But when I started working, a lot of things has changed. I only see them sleeping every night, and busy doing something else in the morning. I usually go out with my friends every weekend.

2 months ago, my sister and I had a little chat about what’s going on around the house. That was also the first time the topic about how they need me on our family business was brought up. She gave me the idea of resigning (though I always have that in mind for years now). She also said something that made an impact on me and my way of living. She told me “Dave, this is reality. You’re 25, you’re hardworking, but you’re underpaid. Madami kang maitutulong sa atin and you could earn much. Or maybe you can work on a different company na maayos ang schedule mo. You need to spend time with Mom and Dad. Ikaw din, baka isang araw pagkagising mo, matanda na sila.

That made me think “Oo nga no?” I can’t think when was the last time I actually spent quality time with my parents. Yeah, we do talk once in a while, we still watch TV, we eat breakfast together but I can’t feel the thing that I’m supposed to feel just like before. Our minds are somewhere else.

And then, the dengue incident happened.

On my first night at the hospital, my Mom and Dad took care of me. But they need to go back home the next day to take care of a lot of things. Second and third day, no sight of them. On my fourth day, I called my dad and begged him to visit me. I cried on the phone like a kid having tantrums (I don’t know if it’s because I’m really bored or it’s the effect of my medication). My dad left everything that he’s been doing at home and went to the hospital. That’s where it all started. It was just me and my dad, talking about everything, we were laughing, I was so happy. We never talked like that for a long time. That’s also the first night we watched “Magkaribal” on TV.

That doesn’t stopped there. When I got out of the hospital, my Mom and Dad took care of me at home. I slept on their room, checked my temperature from time to time, give me my medications, they did everything. I was sick then, but I’m very happy. Little by little, we bonded again. Before I sleep at night, I kiss and hug them. I’m not ashamed of doing it. That’s how much I love my parents.

Now that I’m back to work, I’m always trying going home early just to be with them. Every night on my way home, my Dad will text me “Where are you? Malapit na ang ‘Magkaribal?’” I was touched earlier when my Mom and Dad told me “Matatapos na ang Magkaribal sa Friday, baka naman after that eh late ka nanaman uuwi niyan?” This weekend, I’m planning to treat them dinner and go to a moviehouse or maybe I’ll just buy something to eat and watch DVD with them at home.

I really missed them so much.