I Did Something Good Today

I Did Something Good Today

I’m not blogging about this just to brag what I did. I want this to serve as a reminder that even I hate my job, and sometimes I even hate my life, I’m still very lucky after all.

It all started after my usual Friday night out with friends. It was around 1:30am when my friend, Joy, dropped me off on my usual drop-off spot along Cubao EDSA in-front of Victory Liner bus terminal. Then, I walked over the foot bridge to get to the other side of the road leading to ES Transport where I always ride a bus on my way home. While walking, I thought to myself, since it’s weekend already, I’ll drop by first at 7 Eleven to buy something to nibble while on the bus and some chips for my planned weekend DVD marathon. Then I bought some chips. When I was about to step out of the store, I saw this very old man (about late 70 years old), barefoot, wearing torn yellow shirt and blue torn shorts holding a bayong desperately talking to the 7 Eleven security guard. The security guard didn’t even bothered opening the glass door and worst, he ignored him.

I continued walking. Then for some strange reason, I heard my own voice on my head talking to myself “Hoy Dave, naaawa ka diyan pero diretso ka pa din sa paglakad? Tulungan mo kaya yung matanda!” I still continued walking. I even tried to argue on the voice inside my head, I said “Nyeta, ako nga minsan hindi ko alam kung saan kukunin pera ko, tutulong pa ko?”

When I was about 10 meters away, I suddenly stopped. Then walked again. Then I said to myself “What the hell!” Then I stopped again and went back to 7 Eleven and saw the old man still standing outside the store. I saw the desperation on his face and it broke my heart. I talked to the old man and I said “Lolo, nagugutom po ba kayo? Gusto niyo po bang kumain?” then he said “Hindi, salamat. Humihingi lang sana kasi ako sa kanila ng karton para may tutulugan ako.” Then I talked to the security guard and said “Manong, humihingi lang daw po siya ng karton para tulugan.” The security guard irritatingly said “Naku sir, gagamitin po namin lahat ng karton, naka ilang hingi na yan!” Of course, I also got irritated and I said to him “Manong, umaambon sa labas. Eh paano kung umalan, kawawa yung matanda. Magkano ba yang karton na yan at babayaran ko nalang.” Then he impolitely said “Eh hindi naman namin binebenta yan.” Just to stop the argument, I walked out of the store and talked to the old man. “Lolo, pasensya na po ha, ayaw nila tayong bigyan ng karton eh.” Then he said “Hayaan mo na sila, sige anak, salamat ha.”

I can’t just walk out. I’m involved now and I need to do something. It’s going to rain anytime soon and he has no place to spend the night. Then I ran to the old man and said “Lolo, sandali po. Heto po P100, pangkain niyo nalang bukas.” He was very grateful but hesitant to accept my offer. He even said “Naku, nakakahiya naman. Naka-kain naman na ako.” Then I said “Sige na po, ingat po kayo ha.” Then I started to walk going back to the bus terminal.

The truth is, I only have P200 cash left on my wallet before I gave him the money. From that moment, I thought we’re even because we both have 100 bucks each. Then I realized, I have an ATM and I can withdraw anytime, I have a job, I have a place to live. That 100 bucks that I gave him could be his only money. The worth of my Starbucks coffee that I will just consume in less than an hour is someone else’s meal for the whole day.

Let this be a lesson for me and for those who will read this. The fact that you’re reading this, it means you have a computer. Or maybe you can afford to pay your local internet shop. Let’s all be thankful for the blessings that God is giving us. If you can’t stop complaining, at least try to minimize it. Learn to appreciate little things. Those little things we always took for granted might be someone else’s fortune.

Note to self: Let this be an eye-opener. Maging simula na sana ‘to ng pagbabago ko.