My Globe Telecom Horrible Experience

My Globe Telecom Horrible Experience

This is my first blog entry of the year. Usually, I post something about how my previous year turned out or a list of my resolutions, wishes, etc. This year’s different. I want to post my horrifying experience with Globe Telecom and the iPhone 5 that is supposed to be a Christmas gift for myself.

Day 1 (Dec. 11) – 3 Days before the launch of the iPhone 5. I pre-ordered online. That’s the only process available. I filled out the form, submitted the requirements completely, I was so excited.

Day 2 to Day 3 (Dec. 12 & 13) – Constantly checking my email for feedback, no one replied nor called me. I’m a bit disappointed but I was okay. I can always apply anytime.

Day 4 (Dec. 14) – The launch of the iPhone 5. I patiently stayed in the office and didn’t bothered going to any Globe Business Center because I know there will be lots of people will pick-up their iPhone 5.

Day 5 (Dec. 15) – As expected, the horrifying lines at Globe Business Centers are way too scary for me to even try.

Day 6 (Dec. 16) – I finally have the guts to visit Globe Telecom in Trinoma. I waited one and a half hours until someone talked to me. A certain Bryan reviewed my requirements, apparently my statement of account from Google Adsense is not an acceptable proof of billing. I don’t understand why, but I’m way too tired to argue. Our conversation lasted less than a minute.

Day 7 (Dec. 17) – I went to the Municipal Hall of Guiguinto, Bulacan in the morning before going to the office to get my Voter’s ID. That’s the only government ID with my home address that I can present as my proof of billing since my SSS and TIN IDs were stolen years ago. I decided to finally submit the requirements after work and before going home in the evening. A certain Francis assisted me, and he told me that he will endorse my application to Bryan since he was the one who talked to me first. I was advised to wait for feedback after 3-4 days.

Day 8 to 11 (Dec. 18 to 20) – As advised, I patiently waited for 4 days.

Day 12 (Dec. 21) – I called 211 for a follow-up. The CSR told me that they don’t have access with Globe Trinoma’s accounts but they can make a follow-up report. She also advised me to just drop by at Trinoma so that I can get my feedback faster. So I went to Trinoma all the way from Bulacan only to find out that they’re closed early because they have a Christmas party. Oh well, the Christmas party is understandable, the lack of coordination is not.

Day 13 (Dec. 22) – I’m on vacation so I just called 211 to follow-up Globe Trinoma (again) and they promised me to get a feedback in 24 hours.

Day 14 (Dec. 23) – The 24-hour period has passed and I’m supposed to be on holiday rest but since I’m hoping I can get my iPhone 5 as Christmas gift for myself, I decided to drop by at Globe Trinoma. As expected, I waited more than an hour for an uncertain feedback. A tall, dark guy wearing black with no name plate told me that Bryan who is supposed to be processing my application was on leave but he will leave a note to Bryan to call me for a feedback as soon as he gets back.

Day 15 (Dec. 24) – I called 211 and once again they told me the same thing and as expected no feedback.

Day 16 (Dec. 25) – Disappointed and desperate. I still don’t have a Christmas gift for myself. I dropped by at a Globe outlet in Waltermart Guiguinto to re-apply. Yes, on a Christmas day. The lady who assisted me told me that they have a plenty of iPhone 5 stocks and if I’ll get approved the soonest possible time, I can have my iPhone before New Year.

Day 17 (Dec. 26) – I went to Trinoma for another follow-up. The same tall and dark guy wearing black told me that Bryan is still on leave, and my documents are with him. It’s not my fault that Bryan is on leave. He could’ve endorsed it to someone else. The guy also checked on the computer and told me they’re not receiving ANY of my follow-ups from the hotline. That was the first time I raised my voice. I was very disappointed. Another disappointment was when the Globe outlet from Waltermart Guiguinto called in the afternoon telling me that no one’s answering GMA’s trunkline. Well, of course! Everyone’s on a holiday vacation. On a brighter side at the very least, after 17 days I finally got a clearer feedback.

Day 18 (Dec. 27) – I gave myself a break. I’m losing hope and when I was about to give up…

Day 19 (Dec. 28) – Someone from Globe head office told me that I’m finally approved! He told me that I can pick-up my unit at Globe Telecom in Waltermart Guiguinto, Bulacan.

Day 20 (Dec. 29) – I went to Waltermart early in the morning, excited only to find out that it’s just another disappointment. The guy from Globe Waltermart told me that all iPhone 5 units are out of stock and they will advise me on the first or second week of January if ever they’ll have stocks.

– Fast forward –

Day 24 (Jan. 3, 2013) – I still don’t have an iPhone 5, Globe Telecom Trinoma completely ignored my application, and I still don’t have feedback from Waltermart Guiguinto if they already replenished their iPhone 5 stocks.

Yes, I’m disappointed. Yes, I’m angry. Yes, the excitement is gone. After 11 years of being a loyal Globe Prepaid subscriber using the same number for a very long time, convincing a lot of gazillion friends to switch to Globe, not to mention a big fan of their services from Globe Xplore back in 2004 to Globe Visiblity in 2008 to Globe Tattoo in the present, this is all I got. A very big disappointment. All because of the iPhone 5.

Too bad, I could’ve been a very good Postpaid subscriber. A responsible subscriber nonetheless but I guess if things didn’t turned out the way it is supposed to be, I might switch to Smart. Even if it means convincing the whole family to switch to Smart, too.