My Name is Change

My Name is Change

I’m experiencing a phase of a huge transition. I just quit smoking 3 weeks ago, deleted (and backed up) my old blog entries, deleted my other 2 blog accounts, deactivated my 2 Facebook accounts, uninstalled Twitter and Instagram on my iPhone, deactivated my Viber account and deleted old text messages…

Yes, I’m starting over again. New year, new start, new life…

This blog account is the only thing I will keep.

Every start of the year, I’m listing 20 things to do for the year. Not necessarily resolutions, but things that I want to have or I want to happen. This time, I only have one. A resolution:


I was lost, gone down the wrong road, but it doesn’t make sense to speed up and keep racing down the wrong road. Instead, the smart thing I’m going to do is to go back to the last spot where I had a chance to find the right road and start from there.

Square one.

Nicer than people expect. Nicer than what I expect.

I always think I’m not permanently stuck in a rut as I think. The rut I’m in isn’t permanent, nor it is perfect. There are certainly less perfect ruts, but there may be better ones as well. The certain thing is that I can change everything.

Not the easiest, but the quickest. Eagerly take responsibility. Relentlessly give credit