REVIEW: Bauhn Cordless Headphones

REVIEW: Bauhn Cordless Headphones


I’m recently having trouble listening to loud music or setting my television on high volume because my parent’s room is just a feet away from my bedroom. Yes, I still live with my parents, haha! Backstory: I’m the youngest of 5 and I’ve made a lifelong commitment to take care of my parents when they get old. Going back: I tried a generic bluetooth earphones connected to my computer but I want something that I can connect on my television and that will work for a long period of time without constant recharging.


I consulted the very reliable eBay, and found this Australian brand Bauhn than makes cordless headphones. For a very reasonable price, I can enjoy watching TV or listening to music for as far as 50 feet away from my computer.


Compared to bluetooth earphones that has a limited range and limited battery life, this is a very good deal. It uses radio signals to transmit audio from the docking station slash charger for as long as 50 feet without losing any signal.


Who doesn’t love plug and plays? Just plug the outlet, connect the docking station to your computer, television or any devices that uses 3.5mm cord and you’re good to go. No more device pairing and no more signal loss because it wirelessly transmits at 916MHz. The battery life is brilliant, it can last up to 10 hours nonstop. Aside from 3.5mm cord, it also comes with AUX cord that you can connect directly to your television if it doesn’t have a 3.5mm audio port. The ear pads are large and the sound quality is really good!



I’m not from Australia, so I had to buy an adaptor to fit the sockets here in the Philippines. But that is not a very big factor for me.



I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars.
No questions asked. It fits my needs, haha!