What I’m Thankful For 2015 (A Testimony of Faith)

What I’m Thankful For 2015 (A Testimony of Faith)

This is my first blog entry for the year 2016 and also the first time I will make it public.

Blessings don’t always come right away. Sometimes we have to work for them and once in a while, that work means a trial of our faith. No matter how bad things may seem, with God’s grace and guidance I can still step back and think of all the little positive things and big miracles of 2015 that I’m really thankful for.


  • This is the year that I found the most rewarding job. An off-shore job where I can do my tasks anywhere and be with my family at the same time. Nothing beats quality time spent with my family, specially my mom.
  • I celebrated my 30th birthday with a bang! I was with the people that matters to me.
  • I met new friends and got closer with the old ones.
  • That very timely project that I had before my old MacBook Pro crashed. I was able to use the earnings to buy a new one. No laptop, no job, thank God for the timing.
  • This is also the year where I had a closer look at the moon. I’ve always had a fascination on how the moon looks like in a telescope. Shallow, I know, but I’m really happy that it finally happened.

I could go on and on but there’s one big thing that I’m really thankful for. God gave my mom a miracle of life. April of 2014, my mom was diagnosed of pancreatic cancer stage 4 and most hospitals told us she only has 3 to 6 months to live. That was the first time in my life that I prayed hard for something not for myself. We all asked for an extension. God lead us to the right people, right hospitals and right doctors. He gave us wisdom. April 14, 2015, my 30th birthday and a year after her diagnosis, she’s stronger than she was a year before. Late stage pancreatic cancer survivors has only a one-year relative survival rate of 20%, and a five-year rate of 6%. God not just answered our prayers, He gave us a miracle.

I don’t know what’s in store for me and my family this 2016, but we all believe that God has a plan. One thing is certain, we all know that God will still continue to answer our prayers. Me and my family will continue to be faithful because God has always been faithful to us. He will never let us down as we look forward for another miracle. In Jesus’ name, I believe my mom will make it to that 6% pancreatic cancer survivors who made it for 5 years. With countless procedures, a major surgery and minor surgeries, she made it to 2016 and I strongly believe, In God’s will, she will make it to 2017 and the years to come. She will continue to inspire people and she will be a living proof that God will never leave nor forsake us.

God I am so thankful for my life. You have never failed me and even now in this journey you are still showing that You are capable and willing to deliver to me all that I need and desire. You are truly amazing and above all else I am most thankful for Your grace, mercy, favor, kindness, patience, generosity toward me. I want to see myself as You see me. Amen.

P.S. to my readers, as an added bonus, watch me and my mom’s Dubsmash video that was played on my 30th birthday (starts at 4:02):