30 Things Before 30

This coming April 14, I will turn 27. I don’t like it, not even excited about it but I can’t do anything to stop it. I guess I’ll just embrace reality, though I still have 3 years to fulfill the things that I still want to do before I turn 30. As a recap, I will list them down (in no particular order):

Note: Italicized entries are either tasks completed or work in progress.

  1. Go back to college. Take a Master’s degree or another short course.
  2. Record my natural singing voice (with no digital enhancement) and post it on Youtube. (I just posted it 3 days ago, haha!).
  3. Drive somewhere far.
  4. Runaway. Go somewhere no one can find me for a day. (Gapan, Nueva Ecija alone for a day).
  5. Fall in love again. FOR REAL.
  6. Start a family. If I’m still not married by the time I turn 30, at least I should have a son or a daughter (adopted or not) to be there for me as I grow old.
  7. I want to experience cosmetic surgery. A nose job will do.
  8. Learn another musical instrument. Perhaps a guitar.
  9. Buy a house, a real house and not a condo.
  10. Progress along my chosen career path and don’t just stand still. (Getting there).
  11. Become a boss of my own company, not a boss of someone else’s company.
  12. Go camping.
  13. Collect something. (I started collecting Transformers robots early last year).
  14. Give to charity – yes this is me talking.
  15. Get serious on a sport or go back to gym and be serious about it.
  16. Quit smoking. (work in progress – I just tried e-cigarette.)
  17. Go somewhere in Europe.
  18. Do a big pro-bono project. (countless projects to date).
  19. Do something wild. Really wild compared to what I used to do before.
  20. Paint. 
  21. Stop thinking about the past and plan your future.
  22. Engage in a long-term project. (If Zupbox counts, well this is considered a completed task.)
  23. Go back (and become active) to church again. (work in progress).
  24. Play golf.
  25. Fire a gun.
  26. Set aside a particular savings account for my future.
  27. Get MY OWN car from MY OWN savings (a gift is not counted.)
  28. Create a talking and walking robot.
  29. Jump somewhere high (not necessarily bun-jee jumping.)
  30. To actually complete this list.

3 more years to go!